Sandra Staton


I have been employed with the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system since 2008. My professional training includes a B.B.A. in Education (1984), a B.B.A. in Marketing (2009), and a M.ed. in Educational Leadership (2013). I received career teaching status in 2015 from NCDPI (North Carolina Department of Public Instruction). Currently I serve the district as an instructional technology teacher in business education for the Career and Technical Education department and as the CTE department chairperson for Alexander Graham Middle school leading a PLC team of four teachers (including myself). My teaching modality includes techniques learned through participation in PEAK training, STEMersion (2015), and various other professional development sessions offered by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Instructional Technology team. Online learning platforms such as Canvas, and digital literacy resources like Everfi support my instructional practice. My goal is to implement a rigorous and robust "learn as you go" computer skills curriculum. As a professional educator, I hold firm to providing assistance to individuals developing twenty-first century workplace skills.